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As a newly designated 501(c)3 public charity, we are committed to financial transparency.

The Happy Lungs Project was formed in April of 2021 and received 501(c)3 designation as a public charity in September of 2021.  See designation letter below. With donations, we made a $100,000 research grant in May of 2021. We have not yet been through a tax cycle, and so all of our tax documents and annual report information will appear on this page once we file those documents. Please check back periodically to see our most current financial information.  If you have any questions about donations, grants, and upcoming projects, please contact us at

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Inspire others by sharing your experience with The Happy Lungs Project.
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Make A Donation

Every donation gets us one step closer to critical research efforts and the end of lung cancer.

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Sponsor An Event

There are so many options: Fun run, lemonade or bake stand, mother / father – son / daughter experiences, sponsor fun events for small or large groups with a cover charge, donate your spare change. We are happy to brainstorm if you have the time to plan. Thank you for your interest and help!

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Attend An Event

Stay tuned. Our next event will be listed shortly.

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