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Testing and Targeting Tumors with RET Alterations

The program is designed to offer an overview of research activities in this area and review the current status and future prospect of testing and targeting various tumors with RET alterations.
Chair: Fabrice Barlesi
Speakers: Frédérique Penault-Llorca, Carmen Belli, Alexander Drilon

RET positive lung cancer is caused by a rare mutation of the RET gene that causes cancer cells to grow out of control.

This “driver mutation” occurs in about 2% of non-small cell lung cancer patients and is more common among young never-smokers, often the mothers of school-age children.

In many cases, it isn’t diagnosed until after the cancer has spread to other organs throughout the body. The Happy Lungs Project is dedicated to curing this disease.

Help us improve the lives of tens-of-thousands of RET positive survivors and their families.

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biomarker testing RET cancer

Finding the Right Time to Ask About Biomarker Testing

By: Anthony Sireci, M.D., senior vice president, clinical biomarkers and diagnostics development, Loxo@Lilly Increasingly, cancer…
July 27, 2023
on and off target ret resistance

Two research studies funded by HLP were presented at 2023 ASCO annual meeting

Last week was the 2023 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference in Chicago. The…
June 19, 2023

Ellipses Pharma presents ‘encouraging’ data on selective RET inhibitor EP0031, ASCO 2023 annual conference

Data of the Phase 1 Study of KL590586 (EP0031/A400), presented at ASCO, reported preliminary efficacy…
June 19, 2023

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