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Below are some resources. Please share additional resources on the form below, and add any other information you feel would be helpful to our community. We are all in this together and the less time we spend searching for information and resources, the more time we can devote to taking care of ourselves, and giving our bodies space to heal.

These recommendations are submitted by our community. They are not officially endorsed by The Happy Lungs Project.

Anticancer Living: Transform your life and health with the Mix of Six by Lorenzo Cohen, PhD and Alison Jeffries

Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Kelley A. Turner, PhD

Radical Hope 10 Key Healing Factors from Exceptional Survivors of Cancer & Other Diseases by Kelley A. Turner with Tracy White

More Beautiful Than Before: How Suffering Transforms Us by Steve Leder

There’s No Place Like HOPE: A Guide to Beating Cancer in Mind-Sized Bites by Vickie Girard (the book Summer left on my door step)

The Connection: Mind Your Body by Journalist Shannon Harvey

Mirror (Fitness Mirror)
Sunlighten (Infra-Red Sauna), Bri Partridge – Direct line: 913 754-2033

Cell Free DNA Testing/Liquid Biopsy
Natera, Daniel Pryor
Info on Liquid biopsy vs. Signatera ctDNA cancer monitoring test

Integrative Medicine, MDAnderson
Dr. Lui

Hillary Bergman, Licensed Massage Therapist

Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Functional Medicine 
Seeds of Wellness, Rosa N. Schnyer, DAOM, IFMCP, L.Ac.

Katya Lovejoy

Nutrition and Meal Planning
Krystle Zuniga, PhD, Rd, Ld

Abigail Clarke

Yoga, Meditation and Essential Oils
Lauren Margolies

Summer Rose

Clean products that really work!

Do Cancer Wellness Kits

Think Dirty – rates products and ingredients (healthy to unhealthy) in beauty, personal care and cleaning products

Environmental Working Group – research and analysis to help you make healthy purchasing decisions

Beauty Counter – clean skincare and beauty products

100% Pure – natural and organic beauty products

Rocky Mountain Soap Company – 100% handmade and natural soap and body products

Hair Story – clean hair products

Red Juice Cleaner – eco-friendly, non-toxic all purpose cleaner

Dropps – clean laundry and dishwasher products

Hive Brands – clean and sustainable personal, household and grocery products

Life’s Abundance – Healthy beauty, body and cleaning supplies for humans, as well as food and care products for dogs and cats

DO cancer healing care kit

Cancer Healing Care Kit

Learn More

Do Cancer proudly presents their Cancer Healing Care Kit to promote Hope, Inspiration and Wellness. This kit is perfect when you don't know where to begin when you hear the words "you have cancer". Have a friend or family member that was diagnosed with cancer? Support them or yourself with a beautifully curate and heartfelt Do Cancer Healing Care Kit.

With Love - Shenell Malloy, Cancer Survivor & Founder of Do Cancer

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