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DO cancer healing care kit

Cancer Healing Care Kit


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Do Cancer proudly presents their Cancer Healing Care Kit to promote Hope, Inspiration and Wellness. This kit is perfect when you don't know where to begin when you hear the words "you have cancer". Have a friend or family member that was diagnosed with cancer? Support them or yourself with a beautifully curate and heartfelt Do Cancer Healing Care Kit.

With Love - Shenell Malloy, Cancer Survivor & Founder of Do Cancer

Cancer Healing Care Kit: $100-$300

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Everything in this healing care kit was intentionally chosen by me to help support you during your cancer journey. Take this time to nurture and love yourself to heal your mind, body, & spirit. Believe in miracles because we are already one.

HOPE is the greatest medicine of all and you have the POWER to HEAL, be STRONGER than ever and LIVE your BEST life!

I AM Journal – A safe place to share your thoughts, keep track of appointment notes and to release your stress, fears and emotions during your journey.

Clear Quartz – The “master healer” crystal. Stimulates the immune system, brings the body into balance & cleanses negative energy.

Organic Ginger Tea – Supports gut health and the body’s natural anti- inflammatory response. Add fresh ginger for increased anti nausea benefits.

Smooth Move Tea – Digestion support to help relieve constipation during chemotherapy, anti-nausea and pain medication.

Pulling Oil – Helpful in preventing chemo induced mouth sores. Swish for 10 minutes in the morning before brushing your teeth.

Frankincense Essential Oil – Often referred to as the “king of oils” it is one of the most potent and medicinally useful essential oils on the planet. It’s main benefit is boosting the immune system by stimulating it’s activity and killing germs that cause infection. Diffuse daily.

Organifi Juice Powders – An organic, superfood, nutrient dense juice supplement to support your immune system and overall health. Mix with spring water.

Calming Bath Salts – A healing blend of essential oils and salt to balance your energy, detoxify and release stress. Mix a spoonful with regular epsom salt & soak for 15 mins to calm your mind, body, and spirit.

Organic Turmeric Curcumin – Its powerful antioxidant properties support against free radicals in the body. Supports brain health, aids in maintaining normal blood sugar levels and counteracts stress on the body.

Organic Tart Cherry – Anti-inflammatory powerhouse to calm the nervous system, improve circulation, reduce pain, and promote rest & recovery.

Organic Protein Powder – Organic, clean plant protein with no preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners to help maintain healthy weight during treatment. Blend well with water, ice and your favorite smoothie additions.

Life Changing Foods – Food is the BEST medicine & has the power to heal our bodies. Eating organic and as clean as possible by eliminating sugar, refined grains and processed foods is especially important during cancer treatment. It helps repair cells and gives your body the best environment to heal.

*There are also additional items not listed here

*Final selected items are dependent on type of kit purchased 

Your support saves lives.